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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baldo 'Bunch of Stuff'

I often feel like blogging and have lots to say but time prevents me from getting very creative and posting as often as I'd like. But I do still like to take time to brag on my babies and blab about our family :) Nothing really new to report. Everyone's doing great in school now and having a great start to the year. Laela and Justin are doing great at home and enjoying their learning time in the mornings. They amaze me everyday with how much they can learn and take in. Like little sponges. Most everyone knows about our hectic week with my friend's children but that's over and things around the Baldo house are back to somewhat normal. Thought I'd share a few recent pics too. . .

My little scientist at work. Jalen got a crystal making kit and this is his first go at it. He made rock candy! MMM!!

And just a few of the little munchkin, Justin. Just hanging around the house but sooo cute!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Latest and Greatest

So apparently some people do read this! LOL! I hope no one took that as offensive, I was just making a joke that I still babble on and on even though I thought no one was reading! :)

So, Jalen started second grade this week and he says he likes it so far. He said his teacher isn't as nice as last year and that it 'could be interesting'. LOL! So we'll see! He's a good kid so I'm not worried. He had his formal testing yesterday for gifted so we should be getting those results soon. He was pre-tested last year but they can't do formal testing until second grade. Glad to hear they are moving quickly on it. He was tested on the second day of school!

Ryan will be starting on Thursday of this week with his teacher from last year. Then Monday we're going to be letting him go to KINDERGARDEN!! I can't believe I'm saying that. I am NOT old enough to have a second grader and kindergardener!! LOL! bjjjjnn;'n;nnnnnnnnnn (this is what happens when i get up to pee-laela, the little opportunist, jumps on the computer as fast as she can to type something before i get back)
Okay, back on track-Ryan's teacher came over to our house yesterday to talk about him and her plans for the classroom. Let's just say, LOVE HER!!! OMG, I want to take her with us when we move. She is incredible!!! She has been an autism specialist for her whole career until last year when she moved here. She used to go from school to school to train teachers on how to implement proper procedures in their classes for autistic children. How awesome is that?!! Luck, I think not! God, you are so amazing!! Thank you for placing this woman in our path, even if it is for just a short time. I won't get into all the details she shared with me about how she'll be setting her classroom up for Ryan, but I am so excited about her and if it's any indication of what kind of services he'll be getting when we find the right place for him, I am EXTATIC!!!

So far, that's all that's changed with us. No more news to report. Eddie will be back in town tonight so hopefully the ball will soon be rolling on the re-assignment issue. It's already in the works but they need a couple more things from him.

As usual, more to come on the happ'nins of the Baldos! :)